Bobby Flay Throwdown versus Vermont Brownie Co. Shawna Lidsky + Katherine Hayward

Throwdown: This week’s episode, Bobby Flay challenges Shawna Lidsky and Katherine Hayward of the Vermont Brownie Co. to a brownie throwdown. The two partnered up in 2008 and work out of the small kitchen of Katherine’s cousin’s bagel shop. Wow, talk about small business!

Food Network describes the show: “Shawna Lidsky and Katherine Hayward started the Vermont Brownie Company on New Year’s Day 2008 after deciding they wanted to start their own business. Shawna and Katherine believe Food Network is bringing back the show “Recipe for Success” and they have been selected to feature their signature Dark Chocolate Chevre Brownie. Little do they know that as they prepare to do a demo for their loyal supporters, Bobby Flay will be showing up with his own brownie recipe. Stay tuned to see whose chocolate brownie melts the competition!” Bobby, who is 4-4 for the season, seeks to rebound from last week’s loss to the Wafel Guy.

Dishes: Shawna and Katherine made their signature goat cheese (chevre) brownie–which uses local Vermont ingredients, including a layer of goat cheese in the center of the brownie. The brownie also includes cocoa powder sprinkled in, as well chocolate chunks and a dash of salt on top. Yes, salt!

By contrast, Bobby Flay made peanut butter, caramel sauce brownies. Bobby used three chocolates–unsweetened, semisweet, and bittersweet chocolate. The peanut butter was mixed into a reduced caramel sauce, and then added and mixed into the rest of the brownie mix. Yum, yum!

Judges: Gesine Bullock Prado (author of Confections of a Closet Master Baker) and Adrian West—. Judges tried the Vermont Brownie Co. goat cheese brownie first. Gesine seemed to like it more than Adrian, or at least did most of the talking, particularly liking the goat cheese and the salt on top. The judges noted that the goat cheese brownie was flaky and moist in texture, but the top of the brownie was not as brownie-like as expected. The judges then moved onto Bobby’s peanut butter brownie, which they noted was more dense like a traditional brownie. Judges liked the chocolate, but noted that it was really sweet.

Winner: Vermont Brownie Co. Shawna and Katherine win!

Bobby’s record: Bobby slips to 4-5 for the season.

Here’s a video of Shawna and Katherine: