Throwdown: Bobby Flay loses the Feast of Seven Fishes v. Rao’s Restaurant

Last week’s episode of Bobby Flay Throwdown was a special 1-hour holiday episode in which the Pellegrino family of Rao’s restaurant in New York challenged Bobby to a throwdown in the Feast of Seven Fishes, an Italian speciality. Both sides picked 3 seafood dishes to cook. In a close battle, the Pellegrino family beat Bobby.

The episode was different in 2 respects: it lasted 1 hour, and Bobby was challenged to a throwdown instead of the other way around. We didn’t like either change, to be honest. The show was slower and less fun. Sorry, Bobby, not to get into the “holiday” spirit.

Brunch at Orange restaurant in Chicago

Orange is a groovy brunch place in Chicago. “Frushi” is fruit sushi–a very fun dish. The entrees were eclectic and very interestingly prepared–also quite delicious. And the fresh squeezed orange juice makes you feel like you’re in Florida. Really a great brunch place all round!


Orange rosemary French toast.

Green eggs and ham.