Review: Boka crispy chicken sandwich

Resident Foodies say: While we are still under quarantine in Chicago, we ordered for delivery the Boka crispy chicken sandwich, with spicy mayo, bread and butter pickles, cabbage, and served with kettle chips. This sandwich was so juicy and tender, it was mind-blowing on the first bite. In fact, we can hardly remember devouring the sandwich because the experience was so pleasurable.

It was also a nice touch to receive a card signed by the chefs! Thank you!

Review: Korean fried chicken at Blue House (Sacramento)

Resident Foodies say: We recently checked out Blue House Korean BBQ in Sacramento. As typical with Korean BBQ restaurants, you can cook bulgogi, kalbi, and chicken at your table. But the best thing on the menu is, hands down, the Korean fried chicken, which comes in two scrumptious sauces! The texture of the skin is nice and crispy, but the chicken is so tender inside. The sauces are unique–and provide a really distinctive flavor. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

Review: Korean hot fried chicken sliders at Cholun (Denver)

Resident Foodies say: We recently checked out this amazing Asian fusion restaurant Cholun in Downtown Denver run by Executive Chef and Owner Lon Symensma. We went for dinner (which was spectacular, more on that in a separate review!), but were told that the Korean hot fried chicken sliders are only served during happy hour. So we decided to have dinner and come back the next day for happy hour! We were not disappointed. This Korean hot fried chicken slider has a thick, tender and juicy piece of chicken, with a kick of Korean spices! The brioche bun was the perfect complement. Amazing!

Pad kra pow chicken with fried egg at My Thai

Resident Foodies say: It’s always nice to see a restaurant improves its dishes. My Thai restaurant in the West Loop in Chicago downsized its menu, eliminating sushi and focusing on Thai dishes–which makes sense, given the name. We went in to have the sushi, but, given the change in the menu this year, we had a bunch of Thai dishes. My Thai has upped its game. Dishes tasted more flavorful. We really liked the Pad kra pow chicken with a fried egg on top.