Video: Chef Marcus Samuelsson eliminated from Next Iron Chef (Episode 5 , Top 6)

Resident Foodies say: Episode 5 of Next Iron Chef was a NYC challenge. Chef Marcus Samuelsson was eliminated after a bagel cook off with Chef Elizabeth Falkner. Both were in the bottom two after their first dishes (storytelling about NYC) placed lowest among the judges. Samuelsson looked stunned by the elimination. The elimination wasn’t too surprising as Samuelsson never really seemed to get untracked during the entire competition, with his dishes failing to really impress the judges.

Five judges remain, including 3 women. Anne Burrell, Alex Guarnaschelli, Elizabeth Falkner, Michael Chiarello, and Geoffrey Zakarian. Smart money would be on a woman to win, especially given that Cat Cora is the only female Iron Chef so far–with 6 men. That’s worse than the Supreme Court.

Episode recap

Marcus Samuelsson exit interview