Top Chef: Laurine Wickett out

The Restaurant Wars ate up the Blue Team (Laurine Wickett, Kevin Gillespie, Jennifer Carroll, Michael Isabella) after they had just won the quickfire challenge, which consisted of each team member cooking for 10 minutes a dish in succession, but without knowledge of what the other people on the team had intended. The team members were actually blindfolded during the others’ cooking! The Blue Team cooked an amazing dish of cod.

But, during the Restaurant Wars, the Blue Team had one failure after another. And they made the silly mistake of opting not to have any dessert. Bad move. Talk about crash and burn!

Meanwhile, Red Team chef Michael Voltaggio–brother to Bryan–won the challenge with 2 dishes that the judges absolutely loved! Bryan seemed really jealous at the end. Tom Colicchio called the Red Team’s entire set of dishes the best ever in the Restaurant Wars in the history of the show. Wow, that’s impressive.

Even though Michael Voltaggio won, he got into a little tift with Robin during the Restaurant Wars.

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