Resident Foodies: Review of Maison Marcel bakery in Lakeview

Plain brioche and sugar brioche

Resident Foodies say: Exciting news: Maison Marcel, a French bakery, opened its first bakery in the United States–in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago (in the building formerly housing the Melanthios Greek restaurant and very close to the recently opened Mariano’s). Arnaud Brochard is the French baker behind the menu of baked goods. We tried the plain brioche, which was heavenly, and the pistachio eclair, which was delightful. We can’t wait to make our ways through the rest of the menu.

The owner, Xavier De Yparraguirre, explained to DNA info, why he selected Chicago and Lakeview: “In New York, the market is saturated: Too much French, too much bakery, too much everything. Here, I can feel the people are more open about different kinds of food, different concepts. We can make a place here. I rode everywhere in Lincoln Park, Logan Square, West Loop. And it was like destiny. I fell in love here with Lakeview.”


Pistachio eclair, croissant, and brioche