Bobby Flay Throwdown v. Brad Turner — BBQ chicken

This week’s episode of Bobby Flay’s Throwdown was BBQ chicken. US Sergeant Brad Turner is the Executive Chef at the Army Executive Dining Facility at The Pentagon. Before a military crowd of hungry soldiers, Bobby challenged the very outgoing and dynamic Sgt. Turner to a BBQ chicken throwdown. Turner accepted and expressed extreme confidence that he “would not accept defeat.”

Well, it didn’t turn out that way. In one of those rare moments on Throwdown, the two judges picked Bobby’s Bourbon hot BBQ sauce chicken over the Sergeant’s sweet mustard sauce chicken. While both judges loved each side’s chicken–cooked to perfection on the grill–it sounded like Bobby’s hot BBQ sauce was what put him slightly over the top. It’s BBQ chicken after all! Of course, Bobby is a master at the grill, so this episode–unlike most episodes–may have given an advantage to Bobby.

Sgt. Turner, though, was a fun and worthy competitor. He’s friendly, garrulous, and funny. He could do well on the Next Food Network Star! He has appeared on a cooking show on the military network. Congrats, Sgt. Turner, you do this country proud!

One thought on “Bobby Flay Throwdown v. Brad Turner — BBQ chicken

  1. Hi I watch and enjoy all of your shows. for a brief moment Seargeant Turner was wheeling out a very large cake and sharing it up. That cake looked soooo good. Is there anyway possible I can have the recipe for that cake, of course in a smaller form. I really would appreciate it, i love baking and is interested in how others make their cakes. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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