Bobby Flay Throwdown: another win over John Addis in Manhattan fish chowder

Wow. Bobby Flay is on fire this year, Season 7 of Throwdown. Right now, Bobby has a 4-3 winning record after beating John Addis of Brooklyn’s Fish Tales last week in Manhattan fish chowder. To put things into perspective, in 6 previous seasons, Bobby has never finished with a winning record. His best record was last year, at 5-8. Go Bobby! For all of our recaps of Bobby this season, click here.

A very confident John Addis responded to Bobby’s challenge with a classic line: “They don’t call it a throwdown in Brooklyn. They call it a beatdown!”

Highlights: Both Bobby and John Addis used halibut in their chowder, but Bobby cooked his before dumping it into the soup. John, however, threw his raw into the chowder to cook. Bobby’s secret ingredient was bacon!

Judging: Jennifer Meadows, chef of Fishbar on the Lake, and Matt Hovey, a seafood purchasing agent at Wild Edibles, were the judges. In another huge upset, they picked Bobby’s chowder over John Addis’s. The judges thought that John’s chowder was a bit too bland–which may not be surprising since they tried Bobby’s bacon-infused chowder first!

Judge Jennifer Meadows below:

The Apple of Montauk Fishermen’s Eyes: Chef Jennifer Meadows of Fishbar from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

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