Wall St. Journal review of Momofuku cookbook + f-bombs

This month, Chef David Chang of Momufuku’s heavily anticipated cookbook–aptly called The Momofuku Cookbook–hits the bookstores. Katy McLaughlin has a great review of the Momofuku cookbook, including video interviewing David Chang.

McLaughlin reveals: “The 303-page book, coming out Oct. 27 and priced at $40, aims to replicate Mr. Chang’s natural voice, which means occasional use of the word “like” to punctuate Mr. Chang’s thoughts, and liberal use of profanity. Readers are instructed not to ‘f— it up’ when handling a pricey piece of foie gras, for instance.”

For those not familiar with Chef David Chang, he’s probably the hottest chef on the planet right now, having ascended to the height of the food world in 5 years. He’s a Korean American who studied both French and Japanese cooking, not to mention his own native Korean. He also is now known for his potty mouth and the profanity (and profusion of F-bombs) that laces his cookbook and conversation. In fact, he said he likes that “Momofuku” kind of sounds like “mother f–er.”

Wow, now that’s bold!