The Dish: Coconut fried Shrimp at Turtle Club in Naples, FL

Resident Foodies say: We had a good time at the Turtle Club on Vanderbilt Beach in Naples, Florida. The dish above is the the famous Coconut Fried Shrimp from the the Turtle Club. Plump shrimp encrusted in sweet coconut breading and golden fried. Served with crispy fries, cole slaw & twin sauces of traditional cocktail & our tangy citrus rĂ©moulade for dipping. Oh, and the beach ain’t bad, either.

Best seafood in Naples, FL: ginger steamed fish at USS Nemo restaurant

Resident Foodies say: We think we found the best seafood restaurant in Naples, Florida: USS Nemo. Named and decorated like a ship, the restaurant knows how to create innovative seafood dishes. To start out, USS Nemo serves free homemade bread with a plate of hummus, seaweed salad, and lettuce with ginger sauce. The concoction is different in a good way, and lets you know you are in no ordinary restaurant. Pictured above is the tempura calamari with 3 tasty sauces: red sauce, aioli, and yuzu. We liked the yuzu sauce the most.

Pictured below is the ginger steamed fish (halibut) with steamed bok choy, beans and shiitake, rice ginger soy-lime dressing.

We also tried Nemo’s signature dish: miso broiled sea bass with citrus-ginger butter sauce, steamed rice, asparagus, carrot tempura. Everything was incredibly tasty!