Pork bun dim sum at Minghin Cuisine


Resident Foodies say
: We went for dim sum this weekend at Minghin Cuisine near Randolph next to Millennium Park. The dim sum doesn’t come on carts (you have to order it), but the food makes up for the loss of fun in not being able to pick and choose from carts. The space is nicely decorated (better than what you’d find in Chinatown) and has plenty of natural light from the windows to make the experience even more enjoyable. Minghin is a really solid choice for dim sum in Chicago.

Panang chicken at Sunda


Resident Foodies say: Sunda is one of our favorite restaurants in Chicago. It’s pan-Asian food–which we’re normally skeptical of. But Sunda is an exception. The tastes are uncompromising, and the atmosphere is fun and lively.

Above is the panang chicken, with coconut milk panang curry, chilies, green beans, bamboo shoots, potatoes, peanuts, scallions, basil, mint, and cilantro. The curry sauce packs heat, but it’s also comforting and creamy and oh-so delicious.