The Plant: Organic Cafe opens in Mill Valley

plant mangoMango Lime Chicken chili lime marinated chicken, with fresh mango, avocado and aoili

plant veggiePlant burger with tomato, grilled onions, lettuce, vegan aioli on a sourdough bun

Resident Foodies say: We’re thrilled to see that The Plant: Organic Cafe has made it north to Marin County opening a location in Mill Valley. The Plant serves all organic food from locally grown ingredients. The Cafe has locations already in SF and SFO, but this is the first one across the Golden Gate bridge into Marin.

The menu is creative and lunch combinations very well done. We’ve been sampling some of their sandwiches. The Mango Lime Chicken panini is our favorite so far–it’s unique and yummy, with the bread toasted to perfection. The Plant Burger was fun to look at, but the veggie patty disintegrates too easily when you bite into it. In other words, it gets sloppy. It pales in comparison to North Star Cafe’s veggie burger in Columbus, the best we’ve tried.

Fish tacos + cauliflower at Fish restaurant in Sausalito

Fish tacos cauliflower

Cauliflower fish

Resident Foodies say: Our fascination with Fish restaurant in Sausalito continues. One of our favorite dishes is the Fish tacos, described on the menu as follows:

The Taco Plate
Three traditional grilled fish tacos served on fresh white corn tortillas with cabbage, fire roasted salsa, roasted tomatillo, lime crema and cilantro. Served 3 tacos per plate. Equadorian Tilapia $13

Today, we got the special side of cauliflower, which was grilled to perfection with a touch of anchovy. A culinary delight.

Review: Martin Yan’s M.Y. China in San Francisco–Beijing knife cut noodles

my china 4

my china3

Resident Foodies say: We just tried out M.Y. China, the recently opened restaurant of James Beard award winner Chef Martin Yan in San Francisco on the 4th floor in the Westfield San Francisco Center (where Nordstrom’s and Bloomingdale’s are located). The menu consists of (1) dim sum, (2) noodles, and (3) wok prepared dishes. We tried out the Beijing Knife Cut Noodles, a vegetarian dish consisting of bean sprouts, pressed tofu, and warm hoisin vinaigrette. It’s a winning combination. The home-made noodles are soft and gooey, and melt in your mouth. We especially liked how fresh the ingredients were, and the hoisin sauce is tasty, but not overpowering.

Our only disappointment: we didn’t get to “see world champion noodle dancers pull giant balls of dough into thousands of thin noodles in minutes only using their bands,” as the website boasts. Maybe next time! Because we will be back.

The Dish: Roasted butternut squash pizza at Starbelly

Resident Foodies say: We had a delightful lunch today at Starbelly in the Castro in San Francisco. We ordered two pizzas, which are displayed in the clever double-decker rack above. The top pizza is a seasonal dish: a pizza with roasted butternut squash, black garlic, local goat cheese, sage & pumpkin seeds. (We’ll talk about the bottom pizza in another post. If you’re wondering, it was the pizza with market mushrooms, cave aged gruyère, thyme & roasted onions.)

The color is perfect for the fall–and the San Francisco Giants–thanks to the butternut squash and black garlic. The taste is even better. An amazing combination of sweetness from the squash, and gooey, caramelized flavor from the black garlic. The goat cheese, sage, and pumpkin seeds round out the flavor, but our taste buds were so enamored with the butternut squash and black garlic. Hands down, the best pizza we’ve tasted all year.

The Dish: Fish tacos from Fish restaurant in Sausalito

Resident Foodies say: We may have found a new favorite dish at Fish restaurant in Sausalito. The fish tacos are amazing. As described by the menu: The Taco Plate. Three traditional grilled fish tacos served on fresh white corn tortillas with cabbage, and three sauces–fire roasted salsa, roasted tomatillo, lime crema and cilantro. Served 3 tacos per plate. Equadorian Tilapia $13