Best seafood in Naples, FL: ginger steamed fish at USS Nemo restaurant

Resident Foodies say: We think we found the best seafood restaurant in Naples, Florida: USS Nemo. Named and decorated like a ship, the restaurant knows how to create innovative seafood dishes. To start out, USS Nemo serves free homemade bread with a plate of hummus, seaweed salad, and lettuce with ginger sauce. The concoction is different in a good way, and lets you know you are in no ordinary restaurant. Pictured above is the tempura calamari with 3 tasty sauces: red sauce, aioli, and yuzu. We liked the yuzu sauce the most.

Pictured below is the ginger steamed fish (halibut) with steamed bok choy, beans and shiitake, rice ginger soy-lime dressing.

We also tried Nemo’s signature dish: miso broiled sea bass with citrus-ginger butter sauce, steamed rice, asparagus, carrot tempura. Everything was incredibly tasty!