Bobby Flay Throwdown v. the waffles guy – Thomas DeGeest of Wafels & Dinges

Throwdown: This week, Bobby challenges NYC’s street vendor “waffles guy” to a Belgian waffle challenge. Food Network describes the challenge as follows, “Belgium native Thomas DeGeest is known as ‘the waffles guy’ to most New Yorkers. This IBM consultant turned waffle connoisseur traded in his briefcase for a waffle iron, and has been selling Belgian waffles like hot cakes ever since. He operates his biz from his now famous canary yellow Wafels and Dinges truck, which he’s been driving around NYC streets for the past two years. On Mondays he parks by Columbia University’s campus, to feed the throngs of hungry college students.”

This was a really great episode! Very educational. Thomas explained that in Belgium there are 2 kinds of wafels: (1) Brussels wafels, which are more light and airy, and (2) Liege wafels, which are denser and sweeter (Bobby said almost like a donut). Both Thomas and Bobby chose to make the Liege wafels. As Thomas touted, “It’s a pastry, it’s a piece of art.”

Dishes: Thomas made a classic Liege wafel with a special sauce (name forgotten) that looks like peanut butter, but tastes like a Graham cracker. Bobby made a Liege wafel with Marscapone, cinnamon sugar, and strawberries.

Judges: Pastry chef David Carmichael of Gilt and Chef Mathieu Palimbino were the judges. They didn’t like Bobby’s Liege wafel–thought it was not properly carmelized and maybe too dry. But they really liked his Marscapone topping. The judges thought Thomas’s Liege wafel was lighter and airer, and properly cooked. One judge criticized how Thomas’s sauce didn’t seem to hold together.

Winner: Thomas DeGeest. The judges liked the classic, authentic Liege wafel from Thomas, which was cooked to perfection. But, wow, the judging was closer than we expected. Bobby is now 4-4 for the season.

Here’s a video of the waffles guy on CBS:

Bobby Flay Throwdown: another win over John Addis in Manhattan fish chowder

Wow. Bobby Flay is on fire this year, Season 7 of Throwdown. Right now, Bobby has a 4-3 winning record after beating John Addis of Brooklyn’s Fish Tales last week in Manhattan fish chowder. To put things into perspective, in 6 previous seasons, Bobby has never finished with a winning record. His best record was last year, at 5-8. Go Bobby! For all of our recaps of Bobby this season, click here.

A very confident John Addis responded to Bobby’s challenge with a classic line: “They don’t call it a throwdown in Brooklyn. They call it a beatdown!”

Highlights: Both Bobby and John Addis used halibut in their chowder, but Bobby cooked his before dumping it into the soup. John, however, threw his raw into the chowder to cook. Bobby’s secret ingredient was bacon!

Judging: Jennifer Meadows, chef of Fishbar on the Lake, and Matt Hovey, a seafood purchasing agent at Wild Edibles, were the judges. In another huge upset, they picked Bobby’s chowder over John Addis’s. The judges thought that John’s chowder was a bit too bland–which may not be surprising since they tried Bobby’s bacon-infused chowder first!

Judge Jennifer Meadows below:

The Apple of Montauk Fishermen’s Eyes: Chef Jennifer Meadows of Fishbar from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.