The Dish: Roasted butternut squash pizza at Starbelly

Resident Foodies say: We had a delightful lunch today at Starbelly in the Castro in San Francisco. We ordered two pizzas, which are displayed in the clever double-decker rack above. The top pizza is a seasonal dish: a pizza with roasted butternut squash, black garlic, local goat cheese, sage & pumpkin seeds. (We’ll talk about the bottom pizza in another post. If you’re wondering, it was the pizza with market mushrooms, cave aged gruyère, thyme & roasted onions.)

The color is perfect for the fall–and the San Francisco Giants–thanks to the butternut squash and black garlic. The taste is even better. An amazing combination of sweetness from the squash, and gooey, caramelized flavor from the black garlic. The goat cheese, sage, and pumpkin seeds round out the flavor, but our taste buds were so enamored with the butternut squash and black garlic. Hands down, the best pizza we’ve tasted all year.