L2O awarded 3 Michelin stars, while Chef Laurent Gras may leave L2O

Resident Foodies say: We have good news and bad news. First, the good new–no, great news–is that our favorite Chicago restaurant, L2O (short for H2O + Laurent Gras), was awarded today the highest distinction in the restaurant industry: 3 Michelin stars. (Only Alinea matched that feat in Chicago.)

The bad news–and really bad news–is that Executive Chef Laurent Gras took a leave of absence a couple weeks ago and left town. It’s not clear if Gras is displeased with the restaurant management or has some non-work related issue. But the owner of L2O, Rich Melman, thinks that Gras may have left for good, despite Melman’s efforts to keep him. We hope not!

To celebrate the Michelin honor, we are rerunning our 2009 review of the restaurant:

Full version

Short still version

Written review to follow!