Top Chef: Natalie Portman vegetarian challenge recap

Wow, tonight’s episode exposed how some chefs have no clue how to cook a vegetarian entree. You would think that they never cooked a vegetarian dish before! Natalie Portman, a vegetarian, was the guest judge. Mike Isabella got the boot after failing to cook his leeks correctly–they were undercooked and bitter. Natalie picked Kevin Gillespie’s kale dish as her favorite. The 2 remaining female chefs, Robin Leventhal and Jennifer Carroll, barely survived in the bottom 3 again!

Funniest moment: Upon trying one of the dishes, the beautiful host Padma Lakshmi commented that she tasted “a little prick on her tongue.” The comment drew immediate laughter from Natalie Portman, who tried to keep a straight face and maintain the appearance of a serious judge. Padma continued that she didn’t like the “small shallot” that “became big in her mouth.” Natalie commented something to the effect, that’s how it always happens. Hmmm…gives new meaning to food porn!!!

Winning dish: Kevin’s kale

Out: Mike for screwing up leeks and everything else