Pork bun dim sum at Minghin Cuisine


Resident Foodies say
: We went for dim sum this weekend at Minghin Cuisine near Randolph next to Millennium Park. The dim sum doesn’t come on carts (you have to order it), but the food makes up for the loss of fun in not being able to pick and choose from carts. The space is nicely decorated (better than what you’d find in Chinatown) and has plenty of natural light from the windows to make the experience even more enjoyable. Minghin is a really solid choice for dim sum in Chicago.

Lemon pistachio old fashioned donut and gluten-less pistachio donut at Stan’s Donuts

MQ4A4862Gluten-less pistachio donut

Resident Foodies say: We’re super big fans of Stan’s Donuts, which Stan Berman originated in LA in 1963 and has now come to Chicago compliments of business partner Rich Labriola in 3 locations (Wicker Park, Streeterville, and Lakeview). Featured above is the gluten-less pistachio donut, which is also pictured below with the yummy lemon pistachio donut–our absolute favorite! If you like donuts, Stan is the man!

MQ4A4850Lemon pistachio old-fashioned donut

MQ4A4869Gluten-less pistachio donut and lemon pistachio old-fashioned donut

Salmon teriyaki plate at Glaze Teriyaki


Resident Foodies say: We absolutely love the fast casual restaurant Glaze Teriyaki in Chicago (other locations in NY and SF). Glaze is the Chipotle for Japanese food, but the food at Glaze is higher quality. The menu allows you to choose a protein (chicken breast, thigh, steak, salmon, tofu, pork loin, or veggies) in a teriyaki plate that comes with salad and rice. You can also get a salad plate instead of the rice.

Above is pictured the teriyaki plate, combination 2 with salmon, veggies, white rice, and salad with carrot-ginger dressing.

Sumo sushi in Chicago


Resident Foodies say: Sumo sushi is a welcome addition to Chicago. Although Lakeview has a fair share of sushi restaurants, Sumo is a step up from most of the competition in the neighborhood. Above is a combination of tuna roll, with sashimi of white tuna, salmon, and hamachi. So delicious! And the plating is always artistic.